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Tips for designers. But randomly

Tips Photoshop from Benjamin Maigné

X pour alterner entre couleur de premier et d’arrière plan

Tips Photoshop from Benjamin Maigné

Cmd + alt + shift + E pour « appliquer une image » sur le calque sélectionné

Tips Other from Benjamin Maigné

mycolor.space est un très bon site pour choisir ses gammes de couleurs (on le trouve mieux que Color CC nous …)

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The Story Behind

It came from a really stupid idea while I was in school. In a bored mood, I was looking for a way to kill some time but not with stupid content. Let’s take advantage of the school and learn new things from my workflow.

(Can also be use as a drink game « If you don’t know the next tips you drink ! » (looser)). Discover tips Show me ur other works

The Future

I’d like to make RDT a reference for students and people in general who are looking to learn cools stuffs about their software and their workflow.
To be honest I don’t know at the moment if I’ll have the time to give RDT the chance it deserve but I’ll do my best to give it a try. I'd also like to make some course but I don't know if I'm really "legit" at doing this. We'll see.

I'm in ! I leave a tips

UI Designer, Motion Designer, Developer ?

RDT will bring happiness for each of you.

Make the first step

As always, the most difficult is to make the first step. I selected for you the most common software so you can choose yours and start discovering tips.